The Visiting Team

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Accreditation is a private, voluntary system of self-regulation that relies on peer evaluators. The Commission maintains a database of over 1500 senior faculty members, deans, administrators, and institutional presidents who have been carefully selected to conduct campus visits. They evaluate institutions according to the Standards for Accreditation and are given in-depth training for this important task.

Peer evaluators are all volunteers. They are assigned to institutions comparable to their own and are responsible for excusing themselves from participating in any evaluation that may raise issues of conflict of interest for them. They work without compensation in service to the higher education community.

Resources for Team Members

Evaluation Manual, 2016
Expense Reimbursement Voucher 2018(.xlsx)
Peer Evaluator Expectations (155)
Chairperson's Confidential Evaluation Form (.doc)
Team Member Evaluation Form (.doc)
Guidelines for Visiting Institutions Abroad and Overseas Instructional Locations (150)
State Department of Higher Education Observers of Evaluation Teams (76a)