Interim (Fifth-Year) Report

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Interim Reports ask institutions to reflect on progress since the last comprehensive review and to project areas of focus for the next five years leading up to the next comprehensive review.

  • Institutions preparing Interim Reports are invited to attend an orientation session led by Commission staff and institutional representatives who have just completed the process.
  • Institutions are strongly encouraged to submit a draft of the Interim Report for review by Commission staff.

Policies and Procedures pertaining to Interim (Fifth-Year) Report

Forms pertaining to Interim (Fifth-Year) Report

Submission of Report:

Electronic copy: a single searchable pdf file of the Interim Report, including all forms and appendices, should be submitted. The single searchable pdf file may be emailed to (maximum size of 15MB) or placed on a flash drive as a single searchable pdf and mailed to the office along with the paper copies of the document.

Paper copies: In addition, four (4) paper copies of the Interim Report, including all forms and appendices, should be single spaced, copied on both sides of the paper, and neither stapled nor bound. Please mail the paper copies to:

New England Commission of Higher Education
3 Burlington Woods #100
Burlington, MA 01803

In addition, a single searchable pdf copy, including all forms, should be forwarded to