Assessment Resources

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The Commission recognizes that its dual responsibilities of quality assurance and quality improvement must be kept in balance.  Nowhere is this dual role more in play than in the area commonly summarized by the term "student assessment." The Standards for Accreditation speak to assessment as a means of improving academic programs and services for students.  The Standards also speak to the Commission's public responsibility to ensure an appropriate level of student success and to make the results of assessment known and used for improvement.

The following NECHE printed assessment materials may be helpful: 

Other assessment materials that may prove useful include the following: 

Accreditation and Accountability: A CHEA Special Report (2011)
Assessment Resources: Association of American Colleges and Universities
Evidence Guide (Western Association of Schools and Colleges)
Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment (North Carolina State University)
Regional Accreditation and Student Learning Series (Council of Regional Accrediting Commissions, with support from Pew Charitable Trusts)