U.S. Naval War College

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U.S. Naval War College
CEO Name: 
Jeffrey A. Harley
CEO Title: 
686 Cushing Road, Newport, Rhode Island, 02841-1207
Degrees Awarded: 
Initial Accreditation: 
Last Comprehensive Review: 
Action on Institutional Status: 
Next Comprehensive Review: 
Fall 2024
Instructional Locations: 

Annapolis, MD (AIL Site: Annapolis, Md, Department of Seamanship and Navigation, Luce Hall, 112 Cooper Road)
Everett, WA (AIL Site: Everett WA, Navy College Everett Office, 2000 W. Marine View Drive)
Ft. Worth, TX (AIL Dallas/Ft. Worth, Naval Operational Support Center Fort Worth, BLDG 1803, 1803 Doolittle Ave)
Great Lakes, IL (AIL Site: Great Lakes, IL, Building ONE, Great Lakes Naval Training Center)
Honolulu, HI (AIL Site: Pearl Harbor, HI, BLDG 4827, 4827 Bougainville Drive)
Jacksonville, FL (AIL Site: Jacksonville, FL, NAS Jacksonville, BLDG 1)
King George, VA (AIL Site: Dahlgren, VA, UMW Dahlgren, 4224 University Drive)
Mayport, FL (AIL Site: Mayport, FL, Afloat Training Group, BLDG 1842, Naval Station Mayport)
Millington, TN (AIL Site: Millington, TN, Navy Personnel Command, BLDG 241 PERS 440C)
Milton, FL (AIL Site: Pensacola, FL, Whiting Field, BLDG 1417)
Monterey, CA (AIL Site: Monterey, CA, 699 Dyer Road, Haligan Hall Room 253)
New Orleans, LA (AIL Site: New Orleans, LA, SPAWAR NOLA, 2251 Lakeshore Drive)
Newport, RI (AIL Site: Newport, RI, Code 1G College of Distance Education, U.S. Naval War College, 686 Cushing Road)
Norfolk, VA (AIL Site: Norfolk, VA, Training Support Center, BLDG 9549 Rm 329 9549 Bainbridge Avenue, Naval Station Norfolk)
Oak Harbor, WA (AIL Site: Whidbey Island, WA, Human Resources Office, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, 1170 W. Lexington Ave)
Patuxent River, MD (AIL Site: Patuxent River, MD, NAWCAD, Naval Air Station Pax River BLDG 2189 Rm 145, 21866 Cedar Point Road)
Port Hueneme, CA (AIL Site: Port Hueneme, CA, NSWC PHD Code 105, 4363 Missile Way, BLDG 444)
San Diego, CA (AIL Site: San Diego, CA, Training Support Center (N4), BLDG 3290, 3975 Norman Scott Road Naval Station San Diego)
Silverdale, WA (AIL Site: Bangor WA, Navy College Bangor Office, 2000 Thresher Avenue)
Washington, DC (AIL Sites: Washington, DC/ Northern VA, Naval War College Office, 1008 Eberle Place SE BLDG 220, Rm 127, Washington Navy Yard)