Endicott College

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Endicott College
CEO Name: 
Kathleen Barnes
CEO Title: 
Interim President
376 Hale Street, Beverly, Massachusetts, 01915
Degrees Awarded: 
Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate
Initial Accreditation: 
Last Comprehensive Review: 
Action on Institutional Status: 
Next Comprehensive Review: 
Spring 2027
Instructional Locations: 

Andover, MA (Melmark New England, 461 River Road)
Bangkok, Thailand (Bangkok International Prepatory and Secondary School, 23 Sukhumvit 53)
Bedford, MA (EDCO Headquarters, 36 Middlesex Turnpike)
Beverly, MA (Beverly Hospital, 85 Herrick Street)
Beverly, MA (Futures Behavior Therapy Ctr, Inc., 100 Cummings Ctr., Suite 157J)
Boston, MA (U.S. Military Entrance Processing Station, 495 Summer Street, Barnes Building)
Boston, MA (Endicott College Boston, 200 Tremont Street Boston)
Boston, MA (U.S. Coast Guard, 427 Commercial Street)
Brockton, MA (Jenmarc Inc., 1350 Belmont Street. Suite # 101)
Burlington, MA (Lahey Clinic, 29 Mall Road)
Danvers, MA (Northeast Arc, 6 Southside Road)
Easton, MA (Stonehill College, 320 Washington Street)
Franklin, MA (Massachusetts Secondary Schools Administrators Assoc., 31 Forge Parkway)
Gloucester, MA (Applied Materials, Inc., 35 Dory Road)
Gloucester, MA (Endicott College Gloucester, 33 Commercial Street)
Kunratice, Czech Republic (Open Gate, Zakladni Skola Kunratice Predskolni 420/5, 148 00 Praha 4)
Lawrence, MA (Lawrence General Hospital, 1 General Street)
Lexington, MA (Montessori Elementary Teachers Training Collaborative, 130 Pleasant Street)
Leysin, Switzerland (Leysin American School, 1854 Leysin)
Madrid, Spain (Endicott College Madrid, College for International Studies, Calle Velazquez 140 28006)
Marlborough, MA (Cross Roads School for Children, NE, 295 Donald J. Lynch Boulevard)
Marshfield, MA (Road to Responsibility, 1831 Ocean Street)
Randolph, MA (The May Institute, 41 Pacella Park Drive)
Roxbury, MA (Dimock Center, 1800 Columbus Avenue)
Springfield, MA (Duggan Middle School Urban Principals Development Program at Teachers 21, 1015 Wilbraham Road)