About Our Institutions

Currently, NECHE accredits 229 institutions of higher education across the six New England states and overseas. Only accredited institutions are members of the Association.  An additional two institutions are candidates for accreditation. Candidacy is a status of affiliation that indicates an institution has met the Commission's Criteria for Candidacy (101) and is progressing toward accreditation.  Attainment of candidacy does not ensure eventual accreditation.  A candidate institution has a maximum of five years, from the effective date of candidacy, within which to achieve accredited status. 

Through the links at the left side of this page, you may browse the full Roster of Institutions, which is organized by state, for further details, including directory information and a link to the institution's website. The roster is updated monthly. You may also search for institutions by location or degrees awarded.

NECHE Institutional Profile

  Members Candidates Total Institutions
Connecticut 37 0 37
Maine 26 1 27
Massachusetts 102 0 102
New Hampshire 21 0 21
Rhode Island 12 1 13
Vermont 20 0 20
Overseas 11 0 11
TOTAL 229 2 231