Annual Report Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Where is the Annual Report located?
The Annual Report login page can be found at:

Can you send me my institution's User Name and Password?
To maintain the security and accuracy of the data in an institution's Annual Report, the User Name and Password are sent only to the institution's President.  Requests to have the User Name and Password resent to the President can be made to Kaslong Nda at:

How can I change my institution's User Name and/or Password?
Log into the Annual Report website using your institution's current User Name and Password, and then click on the hyperlink text near the top of the page, "View and/or edit your registration information by clicking here."  You will be taken to a page that will let you change either or both of these.

How can I see what was reported on last year's Annual Report?
Follow the link on the "Main Menu" page.

How do I revise data after submitting our Annual Report?
Contact Kaslong Nda at: to have your Report unlocked.

How do I change the contact person on file for our institution?
Each institution can manage its contact information from the Annual Report website.  Once you have logged into the Annual Report, clink on the hyperlink text near the top of the page, "View and/or edit your registration information by clicking here."  You will be taken to a page that will allow you to update your institution's contact person.

Section 3  Enrollment

Should I include students enrolled at an off-campus location outside the United States in the enrollment figures?
Yes, please include all students enrolled for credit, no matter where they are located (studying on-ground or at a distance), on this page.

What do you mean by dual enrollment students?

Dual enrollment (or concurrent enrollment) students refer to high school students who are enrolled in credit-bearing courses at your institution.  The students may attend classes on your campus or may be enrolled in classes offered by your institution at the high school.

Where do I report graduate students enrolled in a post-Master's program (e.g., CAS, CAPS, CAGS)?
These graduate students should be reported in the row corresponding to the level of the courses they are taking.  If their coursework consists mainly of classes at the Master's level, for instance, report them in the "Master's" row.

Why do I have to duplicate numbers that are already reported on IPEDS surveys?  Why can't the Commission get those numbers from IPEDS?
The Commission requests IPEDS data in the Annual Report in an effort to reduce the data collection burden on member institutions.  However, because the IPEDS "12-Month Enrollment" survey figures for Fall 2017 are not yet publicly available, the Commission needs to request the most recent annual FTE figures directly through the Annual Report.

What is Competency based Education (CBE)

Competency based education is defined in a statement adopted by the regional accrediting agencies available through this link:

Section 6  Campus Locations

One of our off-campus locations moved to a new address just down the street from its previous location.  Do I need to tell you about this?
Yes, the Commission needs to have the current street address of each location at which students can earn 50% or more of a degree or Title IV-eligible certificate, even if it is in close proximity to another or a previous location.  Update the previous location's Status to "Closed" and enter the new location, including the programs offered there, using the directions in Section 6.

My institution offers some courses using Interactive TV (ITV).  Do I need to report these?
Yes.  Since a student taking ITV courses must be in a specific physical location at a specific time, each ITV location needs to be reported as an off-campus location if the student can earn 50% or more of the credits for a degree or a Title IV-eligible certificate through this modality.

One of the off-campus locations that was reported last year has been closed.  Do I need to inform you about this?
Yes, the Commission needs to have an updated listing of all your institution's current off-campus locations.  Click on the "Edit" hyperlink to the left of the location name; in the "Status" drop-down box select "Closed;" and record the date it closed in the fields directly below.

The Annual Report is due before my institution finishes enrolling students for the year.  How should I report "total annual enrollment" for our off-campus locations?
As noted in the instructions on the Annual Report, the annual enrollment is the unduplicated headcount during the 12-month period that includes Fall, Spring and Summer semesters (quarters), as well as any intersession periods, from May 1, 2016 – April 30, 2017.

Section 9  Financial & Audit Information

How do I find out whether or not my institution received a qualified or unqualified opinion on the latest audit?
Your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) should have this information.

I answered "Yes" to the question about the audit at the top of the page.  Do I still need to send you our audited financial report?
No, if you received an unqualified opinion from your auditor, then you do not need to send us a copy of your audited financial report.

Section 10 Title-IV Related Matters: Direct Assessment and Cohort Default Rates

How do I know whether my institution uses NECHE to establish HEA/Title IV eligibility?

Your Director of Financial Aid should be able to provide this information. Other organizations that may instead provide eligibility include organizations such as the Association of Theological Schools, National Association of Schools of Art and Design, National Association of Schools of Music, American Bar Association, and the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education.

Where can I find the most recent cohort default rate for my institution?

The Department of Education releases draft rates for institutions in February of each year via the Student Aid Internet Gateway. The official cohort default rates are then published in September.

Why are you asking for three cohort default rates?

In FY2014, the Department of Education officially replaced the two-year cohort default rate with a three-year cohort default rate.

Is the cohort default rate the same as the loan repayment rates?

No, is it not. This is the first time we are asking for loan repayment rates. If you do not have the rates, you can use similar data from the College Scorecard. While the Scorecard does not have a 2017 rate, you can use the published rate (look for “Students Paying Down Their Debt” under the Financial Aid & Debt tab) as your 2016 rate (though Scorecard actually uses a combined 2015/2016 rate), and you can access the Scorecard Data Files for earlier rates (variable named RPY_3YR_RT_SUPP). In particular, locate the variable RPY_3YR_RT_SUPP in the MERGED2014_15_PP file and report that as rate for 2015 (though it is actually a combined 2014/2015) rate. Institutions are encouraged to report rates for as many years as they have available.

Section 11 Student Achievement and Success

Why are you asking for this information?

The Commission is required by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) to collect this information. See the Commission Standards on Public Disclosure (9.24) for additional information.